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Deeper Smart Portable Fishfinder f/Smartphone or Tablet - Wall Charger Not Included (USB Charger Only)

Deeper Smart Portable Fishfinder f/Smartphone or Tablet - Wall Charger Not Included (USB Charger Only)

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Smart Portable Fishfinder for Smartphone or Tablet - Wall Charge Not Included (USB Charger Only)

What is Deeper?
Deeper is a smart sonar for smartphones and tablets supporting from Android 2.3+ and iOS 5.0+ operating systems and up to latest ones. The smart sonar works in the depths from 1.6feet to ~130feet and uses Bluetooth connection to show the information about the fish, the pond bed, water temperature and obstacles you may bump into, on the screen of a smartphone or a tablet.

With Deeper Smart Fishfinder you only need one device for any location and any time fishing. Its completely portable, so you can fish places other fish finders cant reach. From the shore, dock, kayak or boat. This unique wireless technology will help you gather intelligence anywhere you go. Once you attach the Deeper to your line, you will have instant information about fish, structure, depth and even water temperature - anywhere you cast.

Sport fishing from kayaks will become even more productive with Deeper Smart Fish finder. Deeper turns your Smartphone or tablet into a big screen, high resolution sonar system. Two beam combines great detail and a wide coverage area. Precise narrow beam for high accuracy returns of fish, structure, detail and bottom profile. Wide beam provides ample search area for fish, bait fish and structure. Compact, lightweight and easy to use, Deeper - Smart fish finder is the ideal fishing companion for every angler. Requires no special tools, easy to install in most of the kayaks without messy adhesive.

Discover new fishing locations others miss. No more fishing in blind while on the river shore. Tie Deeper to your line. Cast. Then reel in at a slow, steady rate with your rod tip up. The sonar beam will scan the area, transmitting data wirelessly in real time to your Smartphone. This castable, easy to use fish finder sets the standard for others to beat. The Deeper comes fully assembled and ready to use directly out of the box. The system is energy efficient and can run for hours on a single battery charge. Deeper has been designed to fit into your fishing tackle box so you could take it anywhere.

With Deeper sonar you can go angling in any weather: the device works in the temperatures from -4°F to 104°F. When angling from a boat, a coast or a bridge, you can observe the situation on the screens of your smart devices within ~160 feet radius. Deeper turns on and is activated only when immersed in water, that way it extends its working time so in unfavorable conditions there is no need to take off your gloves or other protection to get a grip on small operational buttons.

Ready to go fishing anytime on the ice. Its a unique fish finder with superior performance in temperature down to 0° Fahrenheit. Deeper offers great performance features in a super durable case with a built in Bluetooth antenna for a longer distance, rechargeable long life, high-capacity, Lithium Polymer battery and a special weather resistance battery protective foam.

Deeper sonar is very compact and ergonomic, being only 2.55 inches in diameter and made in such a way that it cannot be damaged by water. The sonar is resistant not only to water, but also to small shocks. The lithium polymer battery ensures about 6 hours uninterrupted operation of the echosounder and Deeper can be charged using a conventional Micro USB cable and any regular wall/car USB charger you have at home. Wall charger is sold separately.

The main screen displays interpreted sonar information. It shows fish positions, their relative size and provides you with the view of the bottom of your fishing spot. The sonar of the gadget picks up only what is underneath it. The right side of the screen displays more recent sonar scan information, the edge of it representing current information. When new sonar information is received, the view is scrolled to the left. As a result, the sonar view will scroll when you reel in the gadget or when it moves with a stream.

Deeper - Smart fish finder turns your Smartphone or tablet into a fully functional touch screen sonar system that will rival the performance of sonar systems costing hundreds more.

There is no place the fish can hide. Take your Deeper with you everywhere so you are prepared for any fishing situation.

Deeper interacts with a smartphone or a tablet computer via Bluetooth connection and a special mobile application created for this unique sonar. Using this app, you will see all the information required for successful fishing on the screen of a phone or a tablet. Operating systems Android 2.3+ or iOS 5.0 and higher ensure that the mobile app works right.

Mobile app of the Deeper sonar lets you observe air temperature, moon phase, turn on the calendar and check the dates important to fishermen without turning off the echosounder. You may instantly take a photo of the fish you caught without turning off the app, besides, even when fishing, you will stay tuned with your favorite activities - the mobile app for Deeper lets you post news on Facebook and Twitter social networks directly from the boat or the fishing site.

Deeper is attached using one of the fastening loops on the device with the 2 included attachment bolts. Different positioning of the loops allows you to achieve best results depending on a chosen way of angling. When fishing from the position higher than the water surface, for example, from a footbridge, attach the Deeper sonar on the first, the highest loop. If fishing from a boat, choose the middle loop, and if you like to angle from the coast of the water body, best results will be achieved when the sonar is attached with the lowest loop.

Such different fastening and special design of the smart sonar ensures that the device is always a little immersend so that the rippling water surface does not interfere with its operation. Choosing the proper fastening loop depending on you way of fishing ensures that ultrasound waves emitted from the sonar will propagate in the right direction and you can see the required information on the screen of a phone or a tablet.

Smart Wireless Sonar For Your Smartphone Or Tablet

The device supports more than 7000+ different smartphone and tablet models. Deeper sonar uses Bluetooth technology to transfer sonar readings to your device from up to 150 feet (45M). No cellular data required for the sonar to operate, thus it can be used anywhere. Deeper is a dual frequency sonar that allows you to cover both wide area for ample search and narrow for high accuracy returns. The smart sonar works in the depths from 1.5 feet (0.5M) to 130 feet (40M), both salt and fresh waters. With the weight of only 0.22 pound/ 100 gram and 2.6-inch/ 65 millimeter diameter, Deeper is smaller and lighter than any other traditional sonar or flasher. Compact, lightweight and easy to use Deeper smart sonar is the ideal fishing companion for every angler.

No installation, wires, external batteries, or frustrating weight. Portable, tennis ball size device allows you to fish any time of the year and in places other fish finders cannot reach - shore, dock, bridge, kayak, or boat. Versatile sonar gives you more features than most traditional sonars. The unique, wireless technology helps you gather intelligence anywhere you go. Once you attach Deeper sonar to your fishing line, you instantly receive information about fish, bottom contour, structure, depth, water temperature and even more - anywhere you cast.

Technical Specification:
  • Size: 2.55 / 6.5cm
  • Weight: 3.5oz / 100g
  • Connection: Bluetooth
  • Range: Up to 140-160 / 50M
  • Depth: 130 / 40M
  • Temperature: -4°F to 104°F
  • Battery: Li-Poly. 6H
  • Sonar: Dual beam
  • Frequency: 290 & 90 kHz
  • Cone angle: 15° & 55°


The list of officially supported devices continues to grow daily. Deeper sonar is compatible with Android 2.3+ and iOS 5+ smartphone and tablet models that have integrated Bluetooth technology.

All In One Application:
Deeper app provides you with the unique content and latest features - lunar fishing calendar, integrated camera function, up-to-date weather reports, customized fishing log, integrated map function, and social media networks. Different unit system, sonar frequency, and even app language can also be chosen. Additional import and export functions allows you to use multiple devices and to keep all of the data on the cloud services. Deeper app transforms your smartphone or tablet into a powerful and professional sonar display and allows you to easily and conveniently plan your outdoor activities.

Application Features:
  • Sonar function + 15 min data history log
  • Fish activity calendar
  • Camera
  • 5 days weather forecast
  • Fishing log
  • Online maps
  • Sharing via Facebook, Twitter, G+
  • Data backup on cloud

Deeper - Smart Fishfinder, The Worlds Most Versatile, Wireless Sonar

Deeper allows you to easily explore and quickly find best fishing spots. Simply tie the device to your fishing line, cast it and reel in at a slow, steady rate. The sonar beam scans the area and transmits all data in real time to your smartphone or tablet.

Boat Fishing:
Powerful, compact and space saving device is a perfect solution for anyone who wants to use the sonar on their own or friends boat. Explore the water =and fish like a pro with a tennis ball size fish finder attached to your boat.

Kayak Fishing:
Turn your smartphone or tablet into the sonar system that you can take anywhere you drift. Simply tie Deeper to the line, cast and reveal fish targets, rocks, submerged trees, drop offs and bottom contour.

Ice Fishing:
Switch from regular to ice fishing mode and use Deeper as a flasher. Split Screen indicates regular and flasher modes on one screen. Zoom feature magnifies the view of the area you choose on the Vertical Flasher for better real time tracking.

Smart angler kit includes:
  • Wireless sonar
  • 2x attachment bolts
  • USB Wire
  • Mini pouch
  • User manuals

*Wall Charger NOT Included

**Smartphone or Tablet is NOT Included

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